Arts and Crafts

From painting, photography and textiles to ceramics, metal work and furniture making, Western Australia’s south-west is home to a thriving community of artists and craftspeople, who draw inspiration from the beauty and diversity of the landscape and forests.

“The Southern Forests of Western Australia are my life. Since 1980 I have been painting this environment in an effort to capture and document its incredible diversity. I try to educate visitors to my studio of the importance of every leaf, twig, feather, branch and of course tree in this environment - through my art. The protection of our forests is absolutely vital. The inspiration I get from it is incalculable - it feeds my soul and gives me a calm and creative place to live and work in.”

Lyn Jolley, Artist, North Walpole.

“As a photographer, forest protection matters to me as over clearing or mono-culture plantations result in greatly reduced biodiversity and a loss of natural beauty.”

Keith Lightbody, Photographer

The Southern forest region in particular, has long been a haven for the woodcraft industry with visitors coming from far and wide to enjoy the fine craftsmanship using locally sourced timber.

“Local, interstate and international tourists are enchanted by our display of diverse items made locally using local timbers. This is a showcase for our forests. Our gallery provides an outlet for many fine woodworkers in the south-west. It gives them an outlet for their passion and talent and it shows the public the diversity for uses of local timbers transformed into useful items. As a considerable tourist enterprise we find it essential to endorse the aims of the WA Forest Alliance in environmental, economical, cultural and social levels.”

Rosalind Piper, Director, Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery, September 2016.

“We breathe so you may breathe. We give you beauty and cool your world. Respect our worthiness and let us live.”

Robin Dale, Artist, Hazelvale.

Photograph: Mount Frankland, Walpole Wilderness National Park.

Gary Muir, WOW Wilderness Eco Tours.