Stop logging native forests and

Stop logging native forests and invest in recycled products. For our future, and our children’s future.

Amy Tobin

At some time people will

At some time people will recognise this is wrong, let’s not waste a second in explaining what is occurring, and stop this vandalism of our planets future.

peter harry green

I’m in full support of

I’m in full support of action groups who support a stop to destroying forests and habitat. The planet belongs to all living beings on this planet, not just humans. Forests, habitat and nature are worth more then jobs and profits. Forests are life and need to be protected from human greed! A high proportion of the devastation that is happening is for the earthly pleasures of humans, nature is coming to an end and we will all pay the price. The more voices that join together the bigger the impact, and every voice counts.

Natalie R

The Forest for Life Plan

The Forest for Life Plan is a well researched, realistic and legitimate plan to transition the timber industry from logging and clearing High Conservation Value Native Forests, into a farm forestry industry, indigenous and eco tourism, and food production. Its not a case of forests vs jobs, FFL proves that the two can exist alongside each other in a truely sustainable and profitable way. Currently the Forests Products Commission operates at a loss, and has clearfelled our forest resource to the point that the industry is in serious decline, and regional forestry workers are losing their jobs.
Our forests are worth far more standing….

Shona Anne Hunter

Please stop logging native forests.It

Please stop logging native forests.
It is too parasitic on nature. There is no need, even though a few may profit many more suffer.

Christopher Dean

Why can’t we say we

Why can’t we say we are saving the trees and forests for all the animals and the planet. When will the human race learn to stop destroying and killing everything. Humans are the only animal on earth that goes against Mother Nature.

Judy Smith

Time to re address Bauxite

Time to re address Bauxite mining in the Jarrah forest. 1000 ha is destroyed every year due to mining activity. There is still 50 years on Alcoas mining lease. This is madness, we are mining the lowest grade of bauxite mined anywhere in the world and loosing the Jarrah forest to pay for it.

Darling Ranger

There is sufficient plantation timber

There is sufficient plantation timber in Australia to meet our needs. Further plantings of hemp and establishment of value adding infrastructure will provide construction materials and fibre. The great forests of WA are far too valuable to be logged. Consider a WA forest university , the amazing forest to wild flower landscape. Most of all these forests are in our care for our children. I am sure there are some wonderful collaborations going on in local communities involving Aboriginal people who are artists and others including musicians. There may be enough energy to put on a concert of new songs about country and forests, some of the songs could, maybe be sung in local language.

brenton rittberger

Here’s our proposal for south-east

Here’s our proposal for south-east NSW:

Sean Burke

Without diversity of life there

Without diversity of life there is no wonder and joy. Without trees there is no air. Without air there is no life.

Please leave the old growth forests. Source timber from easily renewable sources.

Susan McLean

There is no excuse to

There is no excuse to destroy invaluable native forests! Plantation timbers and hemp, for example, should be used and developed, instead. Please give up on this destructive policy.

Damon Davies

It’s way past time to

It’s way past time to get out of native forest logging. We have a glut of plantation timber in this country that is more than enough to supply ALL our timber needs, including pulp for paper making and export.

Sean Burke

Please .let my grandchildren be

Please, let my grandchildren be able to live in a natural way, not one of selfish greed by people whom have already had a life. Be kind – you might like the rewards from it

Catherine Louise Loh

Its disgraceful that no thought

Its disgraceful that no thought is given to the native animals who need the forest for their very existence.
Thank you to WA Forest Alliance for all their work.

Kerry Goodwin

I support Forrest for Life

I support Forests for Life for the future and right now – the trees must be left untouched

Ted Seven

The unique, beautiful, important resource

The unique, beautiful, important resource for wellbeing and tourism, and habitat essential for the survival of many endemic species – old growth and native forests – are what brought me to WA. The destruction of them is nothing but shame and ‘criminal’. Wake up government, wake up people – protect and preserve the irreplaceable forests.

Eleanor Williams

I have just spent a

I have just spent a week based at Peaceful Bay exploring locations of giant forest trees between PB and Walpole and plan to return in the last week of May. I find it unconscionable that logging these magnificent trees continues by Governments impervious to public outrage, though not so to civic action determined to stop environmental vandalism. More strength to your campaign to do just this!

Patricia Meckelburg

It just doesn’t stop, just

It just doesn’t stop, just as we finish fighting to keep one precious area, we have to fight for another. I absolutely support the protection of our forests. This is the heritage we leave our children and grandchildren.

Carole Strickland

I spent 10 years living

I spent 10 years living in Manjimup and the forests are amazing there. Surely the tourism industry can benefit from keeping old growth forests. Not to mention the other benefits to health of ourselves and animals. I do believe that a more sustainable way to harvest timber can be utilised over logging of these increasingly rare natural habitats.

Merlin Eden

Trees are not just commodities

Trees are not just commodities to be exploited willy-nilly.

They are the embodiment of nature and support life in all its forms.

I support Forests for Life.

Stop the destruction!

Victor Hoisington

Thank you for this most

Thank you for this most important work. I stand with the nonhuman animals and trees against short-term human need and greed.

Meera Atkinson

we need our forests. we

we need our forests. we need the earth and the animal to be left in peace. WE need to stop damaging nature by consuming less.

rona chadwick

Isn’t it about time people

Isn’t it about time people realized tree are a very important asset. The more they remove the less oxygen will be produced. These forests are precious Help save them for our grandkids

Gail Cowie

Thank you WA Forest Alliance

Thank you WA Forest Alliance for continuing to support WA forests. WA people demonstrated clearly in the 1990s that they wanted to preserve our remaining forests. We should not have to “vote” for this over and over. Government policy should protect forests and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Danielle Brady

We need to act as

We need to act as custodians of the land. Thank you for your work on behalf of trees and wild places. Trees are us.

Shana Davies

We need to change our

We need to change our old ways of dealing with the environment. It should be illegal to touch old growth forests.

Susan Flavell

Like you said, native forests

Like you said, native forests store more carbon and mitigate climate change best when they’re left alone. Please spread the word and grab a copy of ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ ( — share it with everyone you know!

Nancye Miles-Tweedie

These trees cannot grow back

These trees cannot grow back for another couple of centuries…….. Please stop the short sightedness of this, and many other, such environment impacting decisions.


These great tracts of forest

These great tracts of forest are abundant in diversity of species and UNKNOWN species that provide rich understandings about balance, harmony and ecological welfare. Whilst we all love to ACCESS the great southwest, I think most of us agree that the current roads are servicing the areas sufficiently and do not NEED additional routes that devastate the very forests that attract the visitors. Think carefully before you erase that which we cannot replace.

Aletia Artemis

I support FFL fighting for

I support FFL fighting for the future of this country and the planet – planet and people over profit!

julia laidlaw

Thankful to have individuals and

Thankful to have individuals and organisations like yourself fighting for our forests!


Can understand how this is

Can understand how this is still happening, why is it?


Stick to plantation timber.And leave

Stick to plantation timber.And leave old growth alone.And yes even if a few trees have been cut down in the past per hectare it’s still old growth

Stefan Dreher

We need trees for a

We need trees for a healthy balanced world.

Ian Clarke

We need forests the lungs

We need forests; the lungs for all life on earth.

Donna moore

It’s good to know people

It’s good to know people are still looking out for the wilderness and its inhabitants.

Michael Rule

“This vanishing world is beautiful

“This vanishing world is beautiful beyond our dreams and contains in itself rewards and gratifications never found in an artificial landscape or man-made objects.”
Quote by early Tasmanian conservationist and nature photographer Olegas Truchanas (1923-1972)

Martyn Hiley

The only people who benefit

The only people who benefit from logging are the filthy rich commissioners of the projects. not the population or the country. Oh and the scabrous politicians who end up on the board of the company when they finally get kicked out of office.
Not even those employed in the practice will have a future in the industry, which by definition will be no more upon the felling of the last tree in the area.

Paul o'Dowd

Logging forests with the notion

Logging forests with the notion that “there’s plenty more trees and wood out there yet” is faulty reasoning: tipping points to ecosystem collapse aren’t visible right away. Biodiversity, carbon sequestration and a viable tourism industry all need old growth forest now, not regrowth or plantations of the future. Thank you FFL, for being a voice for the forests.

Helene Fisher

In a time when the

In a time when the earth’s temperature is increasing wouldn’t it be more beneficial not to log our forests? Shouldn’t we be looking at Alternative industries such as Hemp Cultivation etc.?

David Fox

May our newly elected state

May our newly elected state government put a stop to this, soon we will have no environment left to fight over. We need our forests, we need nature, our world sometimes is such a sad place to live in.

Angela Nilsen

They think you They can

They think they can trick us by lining our roads with what’s left of remaining bushland. We know what they’re up to and will hold them to account. We, the people, want and need these forests. They should, kindly, leave them be and use their money and their brains to find other things to do… but hands off our trees.

Fiona Scull

Please save our precious forests.

Please save our precious forests. We need them! The animals do too.

Julie Thomas

We need forests more than

We need forests more than we need whatever rubbish is being made from them. Please stop logging our irreplaceable forests. They are unique to Western Australia and are invaluable not only for the animals that live there but for tourism now and in the future.

Katy Evans

I’m very glad that there

I’m very glad that there is an independent body of people dedicating time and energy to improving the forrests and the associated industries, towards a sustainable future. We need biodiversity and the diversity of employment which can work in harmony with the natural world, a real progress which will leave a legacy for future generations.

Genesis Gutierrez

I support FFL, our forests

I support FFL, our forests need a voice


Wood can be one of

Wood can be one of the most sustainable materials we have access to. It is renewable and stores carbon! We need to work on plantations and stop cutting down old growth.

Catherine Jack

The government is out of

The government is out of touch. we need trees to breathe and enjoy their shade and cooling effect. I am ashamed to be part of the human race destroying beautiful trees and i see the clear felling is along a stream…madness

Mary ann rath

Thank you for bringing this

Thank you for bringing this to light. The destruction is awful and senseless. May our elected representatives see sense and bring an end to clear felling our native forests.

Aileen Ormesher

SPECIES -minus HABITAT =equals

SPECIES -minus HABITAT =equals

(QUOTE :Borrowed off postcard
From Kangaroo Island SA.

Thankyou for your hard work and vision.

Anita Staude

Stop degradation of the South

Stop degradation of the South West Australian Forests

Irene Tognetti

I currently volunteer full time

I currently volunteer full time at Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre in the Perth hills. Each year the number of cockatoo’s rescued increases due to them flocking to the city in search of food due to loss of habitat. To save these and many other native species a big change in current practices is needed. It’s not about stopping all forestry industry but changing the current practices. At the Forest for Life campaign I learnt how this can be done and it gave hope for the future of our native species.

Bradley Miller

Those trees and bushland does

Those trees and bushland does not belong to us. Endangered species live there and they’re not going to have a chance at survival if this continues to happen.

Samara King

Now is the time to

Now is the time to stop logging native forests! South west WA is globally important for its ecosystems, and it has lost enough forest already. What value are WA citizens getting out of that activity anyway? As a regular visitor with family in the area, I can’t see why the logging can’t be replaced with a more innovative industry, in particular other ways to produce fibre or building materials.

Stephanie Ford

Every time I hear about

Every time I hear about another healthy forest being decimated I feel sad. Sad for the trees, sad for the wildlife losing their lives, habitat and reducing the chances of their continued survival. We need trees for a healthy balanced world. We are reducing our beautiful unique environment for economic gain and a disappearing natural environment for future generations to enjoy. We are the caretakers of this land and we are doing a terrible job. Forest alliance please get this sorted.


Logging our native forests is

Logging our native forests is nuts. It has to stop, that means leave them alone! We’ve already lost too much. It’s time to plant not tear down.

Maxine Butcher

Sending support to WA Forest

Sending support to WA Forest Alliance our native forest is so important to this region.

Louise Tarrier

The work this group does

The work this group does is of paramount importance and should be promoted and supported.

Eric syme

The executive committee of the

The executive committee of the MRCCI has resolved unanimously at our recent meeting, to fully support WA Forest Alliance’s campaign “Forests for Life”.
Our region’s economy is underpinned by tourism and one of the key features of what brings people to the Margaret River Region is our native forests and all the wildlife that abounds within.
Unless these assets across the South West of Western Australia are appropriately managed this aspect of what brings people to the region could be threatened which would have a deleterious affect on the economy of our local businesses that rely on tourism.
We are in support of a transition to more sustainable sources of this precious commodity and wish WA Forest Alliance every success in their efforts.

Steven Castan

Keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work. A forest is not just trees, it is an ecosystem, a community. We do not need to trash forests for timber. We know better.

Nonie Jekabsons
Wandoo Design and Construction

Retrain the loggers

Retrain the loggers to maintain what we have left of our natural and old growth forests.
Utilise renewable resources instead and reward folk for the reforestation of their land.
Plant more trees.

Jennie-lee Gardiner

We are creating our eco-village

We are creating our eco-village in the South West of WA as much because of the native forests as anything else. Why log them; it does not even make dollars let alone sense. The effort put into Forests for Life is to be highly commended.

Donald Clarke
Deco Living Pty Ltd

Forests are essential for human

Forests are essential for human existence, and to the survival of the many many species that live in and on them. Forests for Life is doing important work proposing sustainable alternatives to forest logging.

Emma Rooksby

I love the natural environment

I love the natural environment and think it’s ludicrous that our forests continue to be targeted for logging.
If the government was serious about climate change it would leave what’s left of our forests and plant more trees.

Maxine Butcher

“Only when the last tree

“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realise we cannot eat money.” Indian Cree prophecy

Susie Colt

Great Work! Now for the

Great Work! Now for the new Labor Government to translate promises into practice…

Louis Beckerling

I support the FfL campaign.

I support the FfL campaign. Good luck with your meetings this week with the new ministers.

Sherry Thomas

I am absolutely sending my

I am absolutely sending my full support behind the Campaign to protect our unique forests here in Western Australia. Now is the time to do this, right now, before more logging and bauxite mining destroys what can never ever be replaced. Wise and forward looking policy makers know that there is no other way to ensure that our grandchildren and great children will be able to enjoy the sound of a flock of black cockatoos skimming the tree tops.

Lydia Sage

I thank Forests for Life.

I thank Forests for Life. Our govts do not appreciate our beautiful and unique environment. Destruction of our forests has to stop.


Awesome !

Awesome !

Phillip Murray

Need before greed. We need

Need before greed. We need forests for our health and the planet’s health. These companies have to stop acting like they can just replace entire ecosystems that took thousands of years to develop. Technology has allowed us to have so many alternatives, it’s high time they stopped ignoring them.

Amanda Burrows

The tourism of the forrests

The tourism of the forrests will last forever..The ecology/insects/plants cannot be replaced with replanting for hundreds of years. All to give a few people short term jobs. Grow up an think ahead. Think of the insects, birds, animals that are destroyed just to givesome overseas investors a few dollars

Marion Outram

Our forests should be valued

Our forests should be valued for the oxygen they produce, carbon that they sequester and biodiversity they support. Chopping down our forests for wood seems like an insane decision in this day and age when we need to be protecting them for the future of Life on this planet! What a wonderful plan by
Forests for Life. I am extremely grateful that someone is thinking ahead. Thank you.

Lisa Smith and Family

We need forests not only

We need forests not only for their beauty and our general wellbeing, but also for the “ecological services” they provide. By now we should understand that we continue to destroy forests at our own peril.

Louis de Villiers

My full support for the

My full support for the forests which give us life, and oxygen to breathe, let us preserve them so the generations to come can stand in awe of the beauty of them.

Cynthia van der Wielen

What a great initiative from

What a great initiative from Forests for Life. They offer a solution and a great plan as an alternative to logging our beautiful native forests. It’s time to move forward and protect WAs natural resources. The time is now to stop logging!

Rachel McEleney

We need trees! All of

We need trees! All of us…
Wonderful work from the Forest friends- FORESTS FOR LIFE!


I fully support Forests for

I fully support Forests for Life and their commitment to protect and fight for our ecosystem. Among their beautiful sight and sound, they are the lungs of our earth and protectors of extreme weather. This should be the highest priority of this world.

hayden watkins

I will never understand why

I will never understand why people have to destroy everything for money, one day
When our earth is so ruined that it is hard to substation any life you will understand. Then it will be too late.

Angela Nilsen

The forests that remain on

The forests that remain on this planet Are our lungs, they filter out what the greedy society we live in puts in the atmosphere you cut down these forests you are cutting into human existence. And don’t forget the existence of biodiversity that will go forever.

Robin Scott

A plan which should have

A plan which should have been implemented years ago. Every year that we delay in ceasing logging destroys more of our support systems. Destroy the forests and we destroy the rivers, and the people and wildlife who depend on the ecosystem.


There is simply NO valid

There is simply NO valid reason to decimate our few remaining forests. Just STOP!!

Mary Ann Sulc-Davis
Mary Ann's Refrigeration& Appliance Repairs

Australia has very little timber

Australia has very little timber left standing. We need every single one of those trees left in place for shelter, air and soil quality and the preservation of unique flora and fauna. Trees also help to maintain the water table. But you know all of this!
Grow hemp! Hemp is just like the Troffula trees from The Lorax. You can make anything out of them and they grow like weeds!

Bronwyn Rees

I give my full support

I give my full support to save these forests. I am a primary school teacher and am so saddened to learn that more native forests are to be lost. When I teach my year 2 children, they have so much wonder and awe at the trees around them. Teaching them about the giant trees down south inspires them and make them happier human beings. The forests must be saved for our children. Climate change is real and we must protect these carbon stores.

Katherine Hobbs

I offer my full support

I offer my full support to the Forests for Life plan especially when it provides a plan for salinity control, income diversification, environment, cultural values and a health landscape. The plan is aspirational and achievable with a fundamental that we have to change and value every hectare of SW land.

John Higgins

A brilliant plan.

A brilliant plan. Simple but workable. Please let’s stop logging our life support system. Cherish our native forests and bring wealth and jobs through farm plantations.
I applaud the efforts of all concerned, thank you.

Hilary Abbott

As The Stars In The

As The Stars In The Sky Shows Directional Pathways
Why Do Governments Constantly Challenge Nature
We All Lose!
Please for the Sanity of our Planet and all who Live we Need to Create more Utopian Societies and Environments for Everyones Future.

Kevin Michael

a shaft of light in the gloom

Looking ahead, I could only see bleakness and despair. Now a shaft of light in the gloom. I support this initiative 100% ++++. May it grow and flourish in leafy abundance, and spread and spread. I’ll help.

Doreen Mackman

Wonderful work and progress

Wonderful work and progress over the years… Our forests are so precious…. For many reasons. Thank you on behalf of future generations and the planet ?

Karena Joyce

all for this plan!

Logging old growth forests with machinery is never sustainable. You can’t sustainably replace something that takes many lives of men to re-grow, and that perhaps never will grow so large again now that the climate is changing. Let’s find a new way to get the timber that we need and leave the precious old growth forests alone. I’m all for this plan!

Tina Merrybard

every effort must be made

Will certainly make every effort to support the Forest for Life meeting at the Manjimup Town Hall on March 2nd. Every effort must be made to protect our native forests – keep up the good work…

Judith Roach

custodianship beats management

The tragedy of the 21st century is the way that the catch-cry ‘competition’ is so prevalent. There are alternatives. These include compromise, conciliation, sharing, and sometimes even just leaving things alone, letting them be what they are. This strategy can go under the term custodianship.
Forests for Life is not quite custodianship, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. And it may lead to the possibility of custodianship, rather than ‘management’ of native forests (too long a pseudonym for imposing a capitalist vision: forest as RESOURCE). Anyway.. a step forward.

Rose Ferrell
Rosie Glow Pictures

Trees play a vital role

Forests for Life recognizes that trees play a vital role in our special little planet’s life systems and cycles…..not least gas exchange with the atmosphere and climate stabilisation. Your plans are 50 years overdue. We were told by the Liberal National party state government how were sustain ably managing native forest yet we now see the end of the timber industry as mills close for lack of sizeable trees …..our forests were sold off for fire wood and sleepers at the cheapest possible price and High Conservation Value areas logged under gross mismanagement during their 8 year term. May Forests for Life initiatives be embraced by a new government in WA

Bee Winfield

wholehearted support

I wholeheartedly support the sustainable production of timber in the area and the protection and expansion of native forests. With constant and unhindered human population growth there is incredible pressure on our land. You only need to look at the ever expanding poorly planned, hideous housing developments devouring our fertile and once forested native land. We need to have open discussions about sustainable population growth and together we can help protect this valuable resource before it s too late.

Julia Green

wonderful initiative

Forest for Life is a wonderful initiative to help protect our valuable forests for us and for those who come after us. These superb ecosystems are so important for our health and our connection to nature.

Mark Phillips

increase plantation timbers

I wholeheartedly support initiatives which increase plantation timbers [esp Casuarina species] so that our remaining native forest may be protected.

Frauke Chambers

so important

As a child I my I often went for holidays in the forests of the south west. They were a beautiful experience and I want future generations to be able to enjoy the forests as well. It is so important that our forests are protected so that they can be there for current and future generations. The Forests For Life campaign is an important part of the fight to protect our forests and the work they are doing is so important.

Brenna Day

Great initiative

I fully support the plan to stop logging native forrests and to increase the production of sustainable plantation timber.
The result will be that there are increased jobs in the industry and are remanant forrest receive protection.
Forests for life is a great initiative.

James Matan
Matans gallery and Lodge

it is time

I offer my full support for the “Forests for Life” plan.
I have lived in the Southern Forests of North Walpole for 36 years – and as an artist I live, breathe and paint this incredible part of our planet.
It is time.
Enough is enough.
Protect our trees/forests and ecosystems for all who follow.

Lyn Jolley
Lyn Jolley Studio/Gallery


Thank you. An excellent, clear, readable and factual report that we can also use in our campaign for a Greater Wellington National Park – see

Sherry Thomas

The solution

The “Forest for Life” plan looks like a great idea! Current practices are unsustainable and not working. It is time for change and the solution has been developed! Great work!

Nina Stick

I congratulate the FFL organisation

I congratulate the FFL organisation on it’s plan to preserve our forests for posterity,

Noreen Moncrieff


Yes appreciate your initiative, we have the responsibility to protect our natural forests Tony Somers

Tony Somers

Fantastic and timely!

Fantastic and timely! The ‘Forests for Life’ plan is an important step for not only protection of native forests but also the health of our communities.
Creating jobs and vibrant futures for people!
A positive solutions based approach, lets go – get on board everyone!
Thanks for all that you do, bunch of legends!

Jessica Chapman

Yes, please some good news

Yes, please some good news for our environment and not some shortsighted profiteering. Australia needs to step up and address environmental threats and changes and cannot go about things the “old” way as if we were still living in the 19th century. Keep the good work coming!

Dorit Herrmann

clear, comprehensive blueprint

I am extremely grateful to Forests for Life and all those who support the protection of our native forests and the establishment of a truly sustainable, plantation based timber industry. Forests for life provides such a clear and comprehensive blueprint to achieve this. Love your work.

Luke Keppel

well done

Why we can’t live in harmony with nature and protect our forests and the wealth of unique life within them I do not know. Well done you.

Sharon Yarwood

all forests should be protected

We now live in Tasmania where forests are in need of protection too. All forests should be protected.

Lisa Litjens

unique, valuable forests

Our native forests are a unique and valuable environment. We need to keep them for our children and ourselves.


Jobs and Growth!

The “Forests for Life” plan is an important step for our forests future.
Having been a Natural Resource Management Officer in four WA shires, I have encouraged farmers to plant 5-25% of their farm with potentially commercially trees. Such plantings have numerous environmental benefits to the farmer and adjoining properties.
Casuarina species are often overlooked as commercial trees but are sought after for timber crafts and furniture manufacturing. The trees will generally tolerate low rainfall yet also waterlogging and have some resistance to salinity.
I wish to see greater use of plantation residue as mulch or a component of commercial composting schemes.
We should be aware that despite the best hygiene used in logging in jarrah forests, we have yet to demonstrate that the industry can log without introducing or spreading dieback (phytophthora cinnamomi). Once introduced to a forest setting, it is there forever.
‘JOBS AND GROWTH’ could be a meaningful slogan for ‘Forests for Life’.
Adrian Price, former Bunnings Logging Supervisor.

Adrian Price

A much needed deeper understanding

A much needed deeper understanding on how to look after the precious and life giving resource that are our native forests. Forset for life offer a trully sustainable approach…long term thinking !

Natalie Westwood

A fabulous initiative

A fabulous initiative. Thank you for your wonderful work.

Siritwings Publications

Great scheme, great voice

I would like to support you in your endeavours to stop logging completely in our native forests. Moving into managed growing of trees is a great idea and I fully support it. There has been so much destruction in the forests already and it is definitely time to stop completely.
Great scheme and you are a great voice for the trees.

A Harland

Without forests, we all perish

Forests are the lungs of our beautiful planet. Without them, we will all perish. I fully support the ‘Forests for Life’ initiative. Save the trees! Please.

Sue Ganz

let’s make it happen

Great work, let’s make it happen

Ryan Oostryck

Wonderful initiative

Wonderful initiative


Too much stress on our forests

The forests have been under stress for years without also being under attack from the logging industry. It would be a huge achievement if the “Forests for Life” can at last stop the destruction of our forests.

sally wylie

Thanks for standing up

Thanks for standing up for our forests.

Ken Wylie

A great campaign. Thank you.

A great campaign. Thank you.

Anna Wylie

Respect precious forests

I am so thankful for this initiative. The forests of the south west are precious in so many ways, and are extremely deserving of respect and protection so that all future generations can enjoy them as much as I have had the privilege to.

Monika H

Stop turning our backs on our forests

We condemn Indonesians for destroying their rainforests while turning our backs to the ongoing destruction of our own forests. Add to this the mindless annihilation of road verges, crucial corridors for wildlife and natural vegetation in our rural landscape, We desperately need a change of attitude!

Lynette White

Leading the way

The name “Forests’ for Life ” says it all – from an environmental, economic, social, political and ethical level. Thank you for leading the way.

Sheila Masters
Shosh Enterpries

Our generation’s most important task

The protection of our precious natural places is the most important task our generation faces. Loss of biodiversity is irreversible and it is critical we work together to ensure our forests remain for the benefit of all.

Siobhan Paget

Nothing is as important

Nothing is as important for a species as habitat and that includes our own species. Forests are so important and once they’re gone they take a long, long time to return (if at all.) Thanks for standing up for the forests and all the species they support.

Tanya Marwood

Loving the big picture thinking

Loving the forest for life campaign, the big picture thinking. Thanks for doing this work.

Mia Pepper

Critical for our future

My family and I have watched the slow decimation of the native forests here in the southwest where we have lived for many generations since first settlement. With dieback, logging, mining and fires, the destruction has increased exponentially under recent governments, with more advanced machinery and workforce, and greater political and corporate agendas, and less respect or allowance for conservation and the environment.
This present “industry” is not sustainable, especially when we see the destruction of trees that it has taken many of our lifetimes to grow, trees that cannot be replaced in centuries.
The damage being done is all encompassing and long term, and at the point of being irreversible, especially as more and more legislation is brought into place to silence or hinder those who care with wisdom about the future of our environment and natural resources, while giving greater freedom to those who don’t care or who wish to benefit or profit from it in one immediate way or another.
When in the local forests, at scenes of logging activity, we can witness the damage done to the ground, with the natural cooling effects of mass areas of tall timber/native forest, and the natural ecological systems contained within, are being broken up by gaping holes of industry that allow in the heat and erosion, which in turn creates long term degradation and change – I truly wonder what our “Environmental” agencies are even thinking!

I am so grateful for the “Forests for Life” initiative as it speaks for all of us who value the natural environment and know it is critical for our future to protect it and keep it healthy. Congratulations to the team behind Forests for Life, for standing up for what is truly important. You are doing the job our government is failing abysmally at. I support you totally and I know in the years ahead, my children and grandchildren will be grateful for the good work you do today. Thank you!

W Slee

Here’s to a sustainable future

Here’s to an environmentally AND economically sustainable future. Great planning guys, well done 🙂

Kathryn Grimbly

Big Ups!

For the future generations! Save the forests! Great work here. BIG UPS.

Brett Caporn

Time to change old ways

Forests provide so many important ecosystem functions. Without them, earth systems will change and we will struggle to adapt. We can no longer hide behind ignorance because we know better. We know more than past generations – its time to change old ways. I support Forests for Life.

Kyla Pannell

My full support

I fully support the protection of native forests and bushland.

Gary Collinson

Protect precious forests

Thank you for developing this plan to protect our precious native forests.

Fiona Moran

My full support

Thank you for taking this initiative. I fully support the need for more appropriate forest management so that our native forests will be permitted to survive.

Carolyn Switzer

Can’t afford to remove more native bush

Australia can’t afford to remove any more native bush if we want to preserve/protect the flora and fauna that depend on it.

Maxine Butcher

learn from First Nations

The claim that the forest industry has developed ‘sustainable forestry’ is ignorant in the extreme.
We have not yet been on this land for the life cycle of a eucalyptus tree!
The First Australians who have lived in harmony with Aussie forests for many generations did so by nurturing them and harvesting from them for food, medicines and tools.
In contrast we harvest the forests!
First Peoples saw the forests and all of nature as something like a church.
Our society looks at nature as a magical bottomless opportunity for economic exploitation.
Our modern society needs to get smarter and learn from the values underlying First Nations’ societies.

John McBain

Now is the time

Now is the time to finally put to rest the myths around logging native forests. Congratulations on the Forests for Life plan and best wishes for the ongoing campaign.

Graeme Worth

Actions are absolutely necessary

Great to see a further initiative in the fight to protect what remains of WA Old Growth Forests. The campaign has had great success to date but the strength of the Government-supported forest industry remains. Old growth must not be further pillaged. Your actions and the on the ground protests are absolutely necessary for now and the future of our fragile ecosystem . Congrats

Ian Alexander

A very long journey – congratulations

Congratulations on the Forests For Life initiative. This has been a very long journey and putting forward a plan for the future that protects high conservation forests, protects plants animals fungi and their habitat.

Margaret Owen

Wonderful initiative, long overdue

Forests for Life is such a wonderful initiative by WAFA, and long overdue. Farm forestry is the way to go, Protection of our native forests is essential for the continued existence of millions of rare species, both flora and fauna. Our Governments need to get on board with this, NOW!

Mary Barton

Together we can make a difference

Thank you for the valuable contribution to saving what is left of our precious Forests
Let us be the generation that has recognised our need to act in a eccologically sustainable way, not the generation that is remembered for being complacent
Tree farming provides the necessay plantation crops for the various wood industries, supports our honey industries and conserves our forests for wildlife.
Together, we CAN all make a difference.

Barbara Banister-Jones

Forests Are Our Life

The essence of a healthy planet is in its natural environment – Forests are our Life!

Carolyn Bloye
CCWA Volunteer

Urge our government to adopt this plan

We fully support the Forests for Life initiative, and urge our government to adopt this plan wholeheartedly.
Sustainable farm forestry is undoubtedly the way of the future, and the future is now!

Kym Walker

It is long past time

It is long past time to transition out of native forest logging and into sustainable farm forestry.
We fully support the WAFA Forests for Life initiative and urge our government to get on board NOW.
Lance Brandes and Family

Lance Brandes

conserve native forests

We support the conservation of native forests


Thank you Forests For Life

We require oxygen to live.
Trees make oxygen, and the population is always increasing, it never decreases.
SO… we need MORE TREES, not less.

Thank you Forests For Life, you are protecting my children’s and grandchildren’s air.

Paul Martin

For future generations

We need to change current forestry practices for everybody’s health and especially for future generations, including my granddaughter’s!

Glenys Davies

Let’s turn this plan into action

I fully support this Forests for Life initiative because it is good for people, good the environment, and it makes economic sense. Timber is good money, but the investment cycle is 20+ years. Farmers and major landholders are not adverse to the idea of incorporating timber into their portfolios of land use production systems, but they shouldn’t foot the bill alone. The Forests for Life initiative rightly identifies how the government, private sector and communities can work together for positive environmental and economic development in the high rainfall region of southwest WA. Let’s turn this plan into action.

Justin Jonson
Threshold Environmental Pty. Ltd.

Its time to get it right

Its time to get our forest management right, Forest for Life is ready to do it!

Jim Underwood

Totally a common sense plan

Totally a common sense plan that is a win-win-win for all parties involved – the forests, for jobs and communities and also for the economic aspect.
To reject the Forests For Life plan would be to reject reason and logic and also to reject the reality that the native forest logging industry is collapsing under the weight of its own foolishness and if there are not very fundamental and significant changes made very soon then everyone loses.
Under the current budget deficit conditions it absolutely makes sense on many levels to change the industry as described in WAFA’s Forests for Life plan and begin the transition as soon as possible, hopefully after the next State election in March.

Hrimnir Benediktsson

Go farm forestry: a no-brainer

Give our forests to FPC for nothing, give FPC $110 million, and they still make a loss! Get out of native forestry and go farm forestry, a no-brainer.

Peter Lane

We think you’re awesome!

Forests for Life is what the community has needed for a long time.
An overarching strategy to protect, conserve, and educate about the true value of our forests.
Biodiversity conservation is inescapable if we want a healthy planet.
Current forestry practices are unacceptable – because they do nothing to maintain a broad biodiversity – instead focusing on a failed economic strategy by the FPC.
The time for change is now and Forests for Life can implement that change.
Stories My Nana Tells is proud to be associated with you.
We think you are awesome!!

Lesley Dewar

Because we need to breathe.

Because we need to breathe.

Amanda Joy

Inspiring proposal for forests, farming, climate

This inspiring proposal renews our commitment as a WA community to protect our remaining treasured forests and at the same time achieve sustainable farming and positive climate outcomes. It feels very good to sign onto greater protection of our environment, it is time critical to do so.

Louise Duxbury
Ecotones & Associates

Forest destruction must be stopped

I studied at UWA and Utrecht University, Dept Physical Geography.
(Soil science, geomorphology etc.)
I became a Associate Researcher. My study focussed on Forest Management in WA since 1992. The forest destruction since then is enormous and the impact is irreversible.
It must be stopped.

Leonie van der Maesen
Friends of the Earth WA

Inspired by Forests For Life

I’m inspired by the Forests for Life campaign. We know how important forests are globally and locally, in our shared struggle to deal with the vicissitudes of climate change. So it’s crucial to renew our efforts to sustain our life force by protecting this very precious and fragile resource.

jo vallentine
Peopple for Nuclear Disarmament

Grand idea for biodiversity

Biodiversity conservation doesn’t only mean saving species from extinction but aiding their recovery and increasing populations. It also means looking after common species so that they don’t become endangered. Forests For Life is a grand idea for our biodiversity – it addresses the environmental and social imperatives and deserves our full support.

John Bailey

Makes sense on so many levels

Protection of our native forests makes sense on so many levels and we need to act with vigour and with urgency. in fact we need to grow and connect the areas of biodiverse reserves so that wildlife can migrate freely again, carbon sinks can be developed and important investments make in future value – in flora, fauna and pecuniary – for the benefit of all our descendants.

Norman Pater

A win-win-win!

The great thing about this campaign is that it protects the environment and sequesters carbon while also having a plan to expand forestry employment and diversify farming income. It’s a win-win-win. Get on board!

Rob Phillips

What a wonderful plan!

What a wonderful plan to protect our native forests, wildlife, health and well being. And create jobs! Forests for life! Please spread the word and help create a better future today.

Heidi Hardisty
Cockatoo Coalition

Beekeeping Industry’s support for FFL

Every year, Western Australia’s forests produce approximately $10 million dollars worth of honey and bee products (conservative estimate). They are also essential for rehabilitating the bees used to pollinate tens of millions of dollars worth of horticultural crops and, as such, are an extremely important contributor to Western Australia’s economy and food supply. Forests for Life is a very important initiative that the beekeeping industry is proud to support.

Bee Industry Council of Western Australia

Logging and burning is jeopardising honey production

Western Australian honey is in demand all over the world, because of our disease free, food safe, pollution free status. 80% of our WA honey comes from the State forests. The pollens in these flowers are very good nutritionally which results in healthy bees. These bees will play an integral part in the pollination of crops currently performed by feral bees which will be wiped out by disease like varroa mite. The industry as a whole is trying to develop medicinal types of honey which if progressed creates a high economic value to the states economy. It also provides health benefit to the community. There are approx. 200 Jarrah sites with a potential value of $30million in a flowering year (usually a biennial crop). It can take 25-30yrs from seed to blossom for a mature Jarrah tree to produce the honey required to replace logged trees. A 200yo jarrah will produce far more nectar than a 30yo one as they have finished growing and will put their energy into reproducing not foliage. Other trees that our industry relies upon are Marri (Redgum), Blackbutt, Bull Banksia , Dryandra and newly discovered species of leptospermum(WA Manuka). Logging of these forests is not sustainable. When a beekeeper clears a path to a bee site minimal disruption is caused to the environment. Our footprint is extremely low yet we leave behind a pollinated good healthy living forest. As we work bush land and forests we don’t have contamination issues that are plaguing the rest of the world opening up unique marketing opportunities.
Following a difficult start to the year with the destruction of jarrah sites during the Waroona fire, the industry is hoping to get honey out of jarrah this year. As a biennial crop which is due to flower this year, jarrah honey is a rarer and more sought-after product than some of the state’s more reliable Eucalypt crops.
It also has the same, if not better, medicinal qualities that make it a highly desirable product. Jarrah honey is high in antioxidants, does not crystallise for long periods of time due to its low glucose, high fructose content and, being a dark honey, it is favoured by a lot of overseas consumers.
However, this high value added income could be put in further jeopardy due to the logging of forests and burning of apiary sites.
In Western Australia, a jarrah crop can produce up to 500 tonnes, which translates to a figure in the vicinity of a $7.5 million farmgate price. On a business level, the loss of the jarrah honey crop this year could cost local businesses in excess of $500,000 in honey production alone.
Beekeeping is one of the most sustainable industries, but by constantly burning and logging this resource, the State Government is jeopardising a growing, important and valuable industry.

Michael Bellman

Pemberton Discovery Tours

Our tours offer customers visiting the region a glimpse into the landscapes of old, as the original settlers discovered the forests of the Southern Forest Region. There are not many left in the condition of the forests we visit – so this beauty and uniqueness needs to be protected.

Toni and Graeme
Pemberton Discovery Tours

Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery

As a considerable tourist enterprise we find it essential to endorse the aims of the WA Forest Alliance in environmental, economical, cultural and social levels. With passion, Rosalind Piper

Rosalind Piper
Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery

Friends of Redgate Coast Care

Personally I feel that the forest we have in this area greatly benefit the community as we are dependent on tourism and the forests are a strong draw card. The forest walks, bike trails, especially the mountain bike trail bring tourists from all over the world. The Cape to Cape track is also a great draw card for tourism. Tourism brings jobs and opportunities for the local community to be involved. The forests in this area are beautiful and hopefully we can keep them that way. Local groups work hard to keep them like that. We need the forests as habitat for local animals and birds, especially the red and white tail cockatoos and the ringtail possums. Habitat decline is already having an impact on these animals. I strongly support forest protection.

Steve Fairbairn
Friends of Redgate Coast Care

Margaret River Organic Garden

Native forest protection means a lot to my life. I love it and value it. Every bush walk means rejuvenation to me.
Out of our garden group we have started an Organic Garden Trail around Margaret River, which is now spreading to Nannup, Bridgetown and other towns in the SW, and interest much further abroad. This concept, we believe, is a first for Organic Garden Trails and fits in with all other groups having forest and bush walks. Without our small forest areas, Australia becomes drier and less diverse and it will not be the wonderful place we now have. Margaret River has a huge tourist input, and they are mostly impressed with our space. Our economy at this stage is reliant on this tourism and has grown a lot because of this increasing numbers of people coming to enjoy real space.

Caroll Knudson
Margaret River Organic Garden


For some years I’ve made the work of WA Forest Alliance an explicit reference point in a course I teach at Edith Cowan University South West. The unit is called Region and Culture, and is a compulsory unit for every student enrolled in our BA (Regional), and is taken as an elective by city-based students too. The unit is built around a selection of ‘stories of place’, where the nature and culture of the south west forests is one. This is an important topic for our students, many of whom are not aware of the current state of affairs with our native forests and the agreements that are in place. The case study is currently built around the collaborative arts project Artists at the Helm, but where the case study might change, the links to the unit of study remain the same, and invite students to consider issues around:
• Nature and culture
• Cultural identities
• Cultural capital
• Contested places
• Conflicting ideologies
• Arts and advocacy
Thanks for your work,

Dr Vahri McKenzie
Edith Cowan University (South West Campus)


Native forest protection is critical to the saving of wildlife including endangered species such as the western ringtail possum. Habitat is vital to their survival and the diminution of this has seen a drastic reduction in the viability of certain species. Development and clearing are as dangerous as feral cats and foxes. All forests need to be preserved now before the tipping point arises and is beyond change. Old growth trees are essential to the wellbeing of all wildlife and new plantings cannot and do not mitigate clearing.

Wildlife organisations such as FAWNA are run by volunteers and many put in above 30 hours per week trying to save injured and orphaned animals as a result of man’s interference with nature.
Wildlife have been and should be considered an asset to any community, and tourist dollars would follow meaningful wildlife experiences if they were developed rather than clearing of these draw cards. Once the species are lost they can never be returned. I endorse all efforts to cease further clearing or harvesting in our last Forest areas. Growing timber on already cleared land is far more supportable than continuing to clear the last vestiges of native forest.

Jeff Falconer

Billa Billa Farm Cottages

I wholeheartedly offer my full support to Forests For Life. As a tourist operator forest protection allows means a lot to me. It allows for more genuine advertising and experience for our customers. Since the Gallop Government protected the Walpole Wilderness Area, which we adjoin, I no longer have to feel the dread that they might wander to the wrong side of the highway and into a clear fell where all of the devastation undermines our calls to come and enjoy the beautiful southern forests. However, this is still the case some 60kms north of us. Our tourism industry funds the opportunity for many cottage and boutique businesses, but it is essentially the environment that visitors come to experience and enjoy. Thank you for everything you’re doing. I am totally on board.

Donna Obrien

Pemberton Chamber of Commerce and Industry

It is with pleasure and conviction that the executive committee resolved unanimously at our recent meeting, to fully support WA Forest Alliance’s upcoming campaign “Forests for Life”.
It is a well known fact among all local tourism industry operators, as well as support industries, that visitors come to our region predominantly because of the beauty of our native forests. Without appropriate protection of these key assets (all native forests in our region) our local economy could be threatened.
We believe that an essential component of the long-term viability of many local communities, businesses and industries, relies heavily upon the professional management and care of our native forests and the hasty transition to more sustainable sources of this commodity.
There is a significant cultural and social benefit gained from the many intrastate, interstate and international visitors that frequent our region, specifically to experience our native forests. This benefit, along with so many others, could be further enhanced by a successful campaign to protect our remaining native forests.
We wish WA Forest Alliance every success in their efforts.

Roger Bettoni
Pemberton Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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