Critical for our future

My family and I have watched the slow decimation of the native forests here in the southwest where we have lived for many generations since first settlement. With dieback, logging, mining and fires, the destruction has increased exponentially under recent governments, with more advanced machinery and workforce, and greater political and corporate agendas, and less respect or allowance for conservation and the environment.
This present “industry” is not sustainable, especially when we see the destruction of trees that it has taken many of our lifetimes to grow, trees that cannot be replaced in centuries.
The damage being done is all encompassing and long term, and at the point of being irreversible, especially as more and more legislation is brought into place to silence or hinder those who care with wisdom about the future of our environment and natural resources, while giving greater freedom to those who don’t care or who wish to benefit or profit from it in one immediate way or another.
When in the local forests, at scenes of logging activity, we can witness the damage done to the ground, with the natural cooling effects of mass areas of tall timber/native forest, and the natural ecological systems contained within, are being broken up by gaping holes of industry that allow in the heat and erosion, which in turn creates long term degradation and change – I truly wonder what our “Environmental” agencies are even thinking!

I am so grateful for the “Forests for Life” initiative as it speaks for all of us who value the natural environment and know it is critical for our future to protect it and keep it healthy. Congratulations to the team behind Forests for Life, for standing up for what is truly important. You are doing the job our government is failing abysmally at. I support you totally and I know in the years ahead, my children and grandchildren will be grateful for the good work you do today. Thank you!