For some years I’ve made the work of WA Forest Alliance an explicit reference point in a course I teach at Edith Cowan University South West. The unit is called Region and Culture, and is a compulsory unit for every student enrolled in our BA (Regional), and is taken as an elective by city-based students too. The unit is built around a selection of ‘stories of place’, where the nature and culture of the south west forests is one. This is an important topic for our students, many of whom are not aware of the current state of affairs with our native forests and the agreements that are in place. The case study is currently built around the collaborative arts project Artists at the Helm, but where the case study might change, the links to the unit of study remain the same, and invite students to consider issues around:
• Nature and culture
• Cultural identities
• Cultural capital
• Contested places
• Conflicting ideologies
• Arts and advocacy
Thanks for your work,