Native forest protection is critical to the saving of wildlife including endangered species such as the western ringtail possum. Habitat is vital to their survival and the diminution of this has seen a drastic reduction in the viability of certain species. Development and clearing are as dangerous as feral cats and foxes. All forests need to be preserved now before the tipping point arises and is beyond change. Old growth trees are essential to the wellbeing of all wildlife and new plantings cannot and do not mitigate clearing.

Wildlife organisations such as FAWNA are run by volunteers and many put in above 30 hours per week trying to save injured and orphaned animals as a result of man’s interference with nature.
Wildlife have been and should be considered an asset to any community, and tourist dollars would follow meaningful wildlife experiences if they were developed rather than clearing of these draw cards. Once the species are lost they can never be returned. I endorse all efforts to cease further clearing or harvesting in our last Forest areas. Growing timber on already cleared land is far more supportable than continuing to clear the last vestiges of native forest.