Jobs and Growth!

The “Forests for Life” plan is an important step for our forests future.
Having been a Natural Resource Management Officer in four WA shires, I have encouraged farmers to plant 5-25% of their farm with potentially commercially trees. Such plantings have numerous environmental benefits to the farmer and adjoining properties.
Casuarina species are often overlooked as commercial trees but are sought after for timber crafts and furniture manufacturing. The trees will generally tolerate low rainfall yet also waterlogging and have some resistance to salinity.
I wish to see greater use of plantation residue as mulch or a component of commercial composting schemes.
We should be aware that despite the best hygiene used in logging in jarrah forests, we have yet to demonstrate that the industry can log without introducing or spreading dieback (phytophthora cinnamomi). Once introduced to a forest setting, it is there forever.
‘JOBS AND GROWTH’ could be a meaningful slogan for ‘Forests for Life’.
Adrian Price, former Bunnings Logging Supervisor.